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12 Romantic Things to Do in the Lake District for Couples

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Enjoy a picnic in the Lake District

The Lake District is the perfect region for a romantic getaway. Whether it be for a special occasion or simply to enjoy a holiday together, there is plenty to do for two.

Here are 12 romantic ideas you and your partner will love on your next Lakes break:

1. Catch the sunset from a mountain

The orange light of the dying day in the Lake District is a stunning site to behold, even more so from the top of a fell. 

The view from Walla Crag at Sunset – definitely one to check off your Lake District bucket list

Going for a walk together at sunset is a wonderful way to end your day. It’s also more intimate as there are fewer people on the mountains in the evening. Reaching the summit, you’ll feel like you and your partner are on top of the world.

Choose your destination carefully though, as your descent will be during dusk with decreased visibility. That’s why our sunset walk recommendation has to be Walla Crag.

Walla Crag is one of those great Lake District fells where you don’t need to walk for long to get a fantastic view from the top. Plus, we have a walking guide with detailed directions and pictures along the route, so you’re at no risk of getting lost.

Walla Crag walking directions with pictures

2. Watch a film at a 100-year-old picturehouse

A cinema trip is a classic date for a reason, and the Keswick Alhambra is about as classy as cinemas get.

Enjoy a classic cinema date at the Alhambra

The Keswick Alhambra is a stunning building that is steeped in history. Built in 1913, it’s witnessed the advent of colour films, ‘talkies’ with sound and is still showing the latest blockbusters to this date.

With a venue this unique, even if you’re not planning to see a romance film, it’ll be a special occasion which you and your partner are sure to enjoy.

Keswick Alhambra screenings

3. Hire a rowing boat on Derwentwater

Enjoy the Lakes from a lake! 

Taking a boat out onto Derwentwater gives you a unique view of the Lakes!

Hiring a boat to get out onto the water is a fun activity that lets you see the Lake District from a whole new perspective. Whilst canoes and kayaks are great, if you want to increase the romance factor, you can’t get better than a traditional rowing boat. 

Rowing boat hire on Derwentwater

4. Book a different type of accommodation

Experience something different on your couple’s holiday by booking a unique style of accommodation.

Everything you need in one pod! A Hex Pod at Castlerigg Hall

If you want to try something new on your holiday, why not book a glamping pod? The past few years have seen glamping skyrocketing in popularity for couple’s getaways, partially thanks to the wide array of options. Whether you and your partner prefer luxurious lodgings or getting back to nature we have something for you.

At Castlerigg Hall, we have several glamping pods available. A consistent favourite for couples has to be our custom-built Hex Pods which have the luxuriousness of a 5* hotel, lovely views and self-catering facilities.

Learn more about Hex Pods

5. Go for a meal out in a lovely location

A meal for two can be the highlight of a holiday, especially if there is a great atmosphere and food, to match your great company.

Enjoy a romantic dinner for two. Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels

There are so many fabulous restaurants and cafes around the Lakes but here are our recommendations for three extra-special eateries which have a more intimate ambience:

6. Treat yourself to a picnic with a stunning Lake District view

We’re not just talking about squished sandwiches halfway up a mountain. Elevate your picnic by packing a hamper of your favourite foods (and maybe even some bubbly!)

The view from Surprise View is perfect for a picnic

A special picnic for two is an intimate and relatively inexpensive date. What makes it even more romantic in the Lake District is the viewpoints you can enjoy whilst eating alfresco. Just remember to bring a waterproof picnic rug and you’ll be spoilt for choice or where to eat.

Our favourite picnic spot for couples has to be Surprise View. It’s easily accessible with its own car park and you’re sure to love the fantastic view over Derwentwater.

7. See a show together at a memorable location

If you enjoy a trip out to the theatre with your partner, the Lake District does not disappoint. 

The town of Keswick is right by Derwentwater

In Keswick, you’ll find the wonderful ‘Theatre by the Lake’ right on the banks of Derwentwater. There’s a wide array of entertainment on at the theatre, from famous comedians to cultural plays and performances. 

Whatever you want to see the Theatre by the Lake makes a great night out, one that you and your partner will talk about for years to come.

8. Enjoy an evening of stargazing

Get cosy together under the night sky and marvel at the beauty of the cosmos above.

The beautiful night sky in the Lake District

Cumbria is the perfect place for seasoned and novice stargazers alike. With low light pollution, the region has some of the darkest skies in the UK. This means that on clear nights, you can enjoy a blanket of stars above and maybe even the Aurora Borealis if you’re lucky.

Find out more about what you can see in the night sky in the Lake District

At Castlerigg Hall, if you pop down to Reception you can pick up a pair of binoculars (for a refundable deposit) to properly admire the heavens.

9. Learn more about the Romantic Poets

You can’t get much more romantic than a Romantic Poet.

Dove Cottage

The beautiful Dove Cottage, home of William Wordsworth. Photo courtesy of Wordsworth Grasmere

William Wordsworth lived in the Lake District and was famously inspired by the scenery to pen some of his most famous poems. Today, you can visit the William Wordsworth museum in his home, Dove Cottage, to learn more about his and his sister Dorothy’s lives. 

Dove Cottage in Grasmere

10. Relax at the spa together

Who said romance couldn’t be relaxing?

A spa trip with your partner can be the perfect way to relax on holiday

Enjoying a spa day or some treatments can help you really unwind and destress with your partner. It’s an opportunity to pause on what can otherwise be an active holiday of walks and adventures. It’s also a great way to spend a rainy day!

Our recommendation? A couple’s massage will soothe any aching muscles from your walks around the Lakes

11. Try something new with an Adventure Activities day for couples 

On the other end of the scale, if you prefer a dose of adrenaline with your romance, why not try some Lake District adventure activities? 

Paddleboarding on Derwentwater

Whether you want to go quad biking or horseriding, try clay pigeon shooting or archery, there are loads of adventure activity locations around the Lakes that are sure to get your heart racing. 

Even better, you can skip the organisation by booking with Rookin House Lakeland Adventures who have created a selection of adventure itineraries for two, perfect for the thrill-seeking couple.

Check out their couples packages

12. Stay on the set of a romantic TV show

Did you know that Castlerigg Hall was once a filming location of an ITV TV show – ‘Love Life’? Although it didn’t get renewed for a second series, it was still an interesting experience to have a full TV cast and actors Rob James-Collier, Andrea Lowe and Alexander Armstrong at our holiday park.

Lots to love in the Lake District

Has our list given you any inspiration for your next Lake District getaway? Experiencing something new is a great way to keep any relationship fresh and exciting. If you do try any of these activities, let us know on Facebook.

If you want to book a break, check out our accommodation for two:

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