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Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning to Castlerigg Hall

Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning to Castlerigg Hall


Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning at Castlerigg Hall. Every guest that comes to stay with us at Castlerigg Hall is someone special. But when you are asked if 5 celebrities can stay, altogether it’s not a booking request you expect.


Last spring that is exactly what happened when a production company working for Channel 5 got in touch. They had chosen Castlerigg Hall Caravan and Camping Park as the first stop on a caravanning tour of the Lake District for five showbiz favourites who had never even met.


The stars of this Channel 5 travelogue didn’t even know who would be joining them until they gathered together in Morecambe Bay. Sherrie Hewson from Coronation Street fame and more recently a star of the hit comedy series, Benidorm; Tony Blackburn, everyone’s favourite DJ and first winner of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here; Colin Baker, who once played the iconic role of Dr Who back in the 80s and Todd Carty, an original cast member of EastEnders who shot to fame on our TV screens before that as Tucker in the now cult children’s TV series, Grange Hill all met each other for the first time in a carpark.


Caravanning holiday first-timers


This was also their first encounter with their caravans while touring the English Lake District before heading south. They were one celebrity down as they headed off on their adventure. First stop Kendal to pick up their fifth mystery celebrity and touring caravan companion, pop star Sonia.


Getting to grips with towing their caravans for the first time, the stars on-board had a few teething problems, leaving poor Sonia hanging on for their arrival. Once the celebrity 5 was complete it was all sights on the Lake District and Castlerigg Hall Caravan and Camping Park.


Late Check-in


Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning Channel 5

The arrival at Castlerigg Hall

Further teething problems and hick ups along the road as these novice caravanners negotiated the journey to Castlerigg Hall meant they arrived later than expected. We were on hand to welcome our guests, willing to offer them our assistance. We are always conscious of how our guests may be feeling when they arrive, knowing only too well ourselves what it’s like making a long journey. When you arrive at your Lake District retreat you can leave behind all the stresses and strains of the journey. Just relax while we help you settle in at Castlerigg Hall and begin your happy holiday experience.

We were on hand as they arrived but to keep it authentic, the Director decided that the celebrities were to reverse and position their caravans alone. An art that you master after much experience, so the two drivers new to caravan towing had a task on their hands.

After watching their many attempts at reversing to manoeuvre the caravans into position, we offered our help, but the Director stood firm stating that to give the full experience, they had to pitch up themselves. Reversing with very little experience, we were sympathetic to our celebrity guests. Experienced caravanners will know how tricky it can be if you get the wrong steering lock. All we could do was watch, through partly covered eyes!


First Day in the Lake District


Since our 5 caravanning celebrities stayed, we are often asked if they really do have the full experience, spending the night in a touring caravan, or do they disappear to a hotel somewhere? That first night, while the journey had not been without its challenges, the celebrities had arrived in reasonably good form, but we still wondered if a night, as 5 strangers flung together just hours before, would be agreeable to all.


The Director did worry that someone may object, and a contingency was put in place: he had a key for one of our brand-new holiday hire caravans, which inside have all the room of a hotel suite! The key was never used and after what the celebrities described as a cramped night, they did indeed have the full experience and awoke the next day to glorious sunshine and a view over Derwentwater that would lift anyone’s spirits.


Early Morning Apologies


Colin Baker David Jackson Castlerigg Hall

All smiles after the repair to the grass

Daylight also revealed the full extent of the celebrities’ efforts to manoeuvre their caravans into place. The play area, a field which Castlerigg Hall reserves for children to have freedom to play, and is off limits to vehicles, was used as a turning point by Colin Baker, as he tried to master his steering lock!

Seeing the damage, Colin was very apologetic, saying that he was sorry to have driven on the “little field”. Lovingly tended to by Park owner, David Jackson since he was a little boy who used it himself as a cricket pitch, only The Doctor could be forgiven. Covered in deep ruts, while the celebrities were out enjoying activities in the Lake District, David spent all day fixing it while guests looked on, with a smile on their faces.


Laughter in the Lake District

Laughing was a theme of the 5 caravanning celebrities, and it was infectious. From the first morning when Sherrie and Sonia cooked up a breakfast that was described as a “dog’s dinner” to the activities they took part in and evenings at the bar, the celebrities got to know each other, the film crew and many of our guests while enjoying the peace of the Lake District.


Appetites and Friends Made in Cumbria

The Caravanning Celebrity 5 made full use of Castlerigg Hall Park facilities, including the shop for provisions such as the ingredients for breakfast, to feed their appetite after their outdoor adventures and a bottle of something to share in the evening, over stories as the group bonded. The ladies may not have mastered cooking in a caravan but the ingredients they chose were all local: Cumberland sausage, free range eggs from nearby, Lakes milk and bacon farmed locally. A ‘dog’s dinner’ they described it as, but from the best tasting ingredients.

Spending time with each other, sharing in cooking and other caravan activities; time enjoying the grounds and the views from the Park and the activities in the Lake District, they all said that they had forged close bonds during those early days of the show, touring the Lake District.  A caravanning holiday had flung them all together and through sharing caravanning duties and stories over a glass of wine, lifelong friendships had begun, and we understand that most of the group do still keep in touch.

Sinia Sherrie Hewson Castlerigg Hall Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning

Enjoying their stay and getting to know each other

 Getting to know your Guests

We enjoy getting to know our guests too and for some who become regular guests at Castlerigg Hall, returning to the Lake District year after year, it’s a pleasure to welcome back grandparents, their children and then the grandchildren, as the generations grow.

Our celebrity guests were no different and we enjoyed chatting with them about times they visited the Lake District in the past. The team at Castlerigg Hall were thrilled to meet these well-loved British celebs and also enjoyed hearing about their lives in the public eye.

Colin Baker was probably the most talkative and enjoyed sharing stories with David Jackson, a sci-fi fan about his time as Dr Who. David describes Colin as “A charming gentleman. He told me a story of his fond memories holidaying in The Lakes once at New Year. He spent it camping on Keldas, which is a small hill near here. Standing on Keldas you get one of the most classic views of Ullswater. Keldas can be accessed from Glenridding along with Lanty’s Tarn and provides a great day out while staying at Castlerigg Hall. Sadly for Colin, he had no time to revisit.”

Colin also remembered driving through the Lake District listening to his favourite classical music, he said “It seemed to me there was a crescendo on each turn of the road. The Lake District is a stunningly beautiful place, that takes your breath away.” All the production crew and celebrities loved their time at Castlerigg Hall, enjoying the stunning scenery and access to local amenities in Keswick.


The Producer contacted us to see if they could film and when he visited to recce the Park, he loved the location. We managed to book them two prime pitches in between Easter and the summer season, when we are bit quieter. The weather was fantastic, showing off the pleasures of the outdoors, caravanning and camping as well as the Lake District at its best.


Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning Caravan park Keswick Lake District Camping

Filming on location

Time to say farewell to the Lake District

It may only have been a two-night stay, but the celebs packed in lots of caravanning life, enjoy peace at Castlerigg Hall and the outdoor life while also getting out and about enjoying the wonders of The Lakes, sailing on Coniston and a cruise with Ullswater Steamers.

The closeness of caravanning together had forged friendships amongst the celebrities. For all the team here at Castlerigg Hall Caravan and Camping Park, we enjoyed observing their caravanning capers and the fun and laughter they brought to the Park. We presented them all with a Lake District Pound passport to get stamped and our guests waved them off as they hitched up and left, on to more caravanning adventures around our great British Isles.


Is a caravan holiday in the Lake District for you?

Fresh air, closeness to nature and being beneath the starry skies: if you appreciate these things, you will enjoy the peacefulness of a caravanning holiday. Castlerigg Hall Caravan and Camping Park is surrounded by the beauty of nature, in an elevated position with breathtaking views of one of the English Lake District’s more stunning lakes, Derwentwater.


A caravanning holiday brings back the simplicity of life and helps you reconnect with things that really matter as you de-stress and detach from hectic everyday life. Do you need any more convincing that a caravanning holiday is for you?


The 5 celebrities who went caravanning discovered a holiday adventure that many people around the world already enjoy. You can you: be part of your own adventure caravanning, camping or staying in a pod at Castlerigg Hall and book your stay today


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